Group Personal Training



We have sessions for all ages, fitness levels, and goals. Group Personal Training is a one-on-one training experience, shared amongst a small group ( three-to-twelve) of like minded and goaled individuals. We always stay in the forefront of the latest fitness methodologies, while keeping our feet firmly planted in foundational fitness principles. Our GPT workouts are efficient, effective, and fun!



Small group, varied functional fitness performed across all fitness domains. This is athletic based fitness for the athlete and non athlete alike. Each session is performed under strict, certified instruction.

Dynamic Intro 

Semi-private training that instructs the fundamentals of strength, balance, and endurance. Focuses on instructing proper exercise technique. 4-9 participants.

Dynamic Main 

Semi-private training that provides progress resistance training to develop strength, power, and endurance utilizing total body workouts. 4-9 participants. 

Dynamic Steady 

Master Trainer and Rocksteady Boxing Certified Coach Max, leads a full body exercise routine, designed specifically for people who suffer from Parkinson's disease. Every workout contains exercises that focus on strength, flexibility, stability, mobility, motor control. and improving overall independence and quality of life. The best part? This program is virtual!  You can join Max from the safety and comfort of your home. Please contact your Success Coach for details!