Our Parkinson’s Training Program brings together all of the elements of the exercise recommendation made by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and recognized by the Parkinson’s Foundation for the improvement of both motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Go to… for additional information.



• Strength • Aerobic • Balance • Agility • Flexibility Training • Voice Recognition • Handwriting

One-on-One Personal Training (30min or 60min sessions)

Your coach will design sessions and program progressions based on your individual needs and skills. The sessions will focus on increasing muscular strength and endurance as well as overall mobility. Exercises can include the use of calisthenics, free weights, bands, and machines.

Parkinson’s Group Personal Training (30-45min sessions)

You will be led by your coach and five to eight other trainees through a session that trains attributes which help you to improve both physically and mentally. Every group session is comprised of a warm-up, work at three stations, and finishes with a cool -down. The stations include elements of boxing, mental stimulation, fine motor development, and multi-tasking exercises.

Yoga Class Session (45min sessions)

Each yoga session is designed to help you increase flexibility at multiple joints. Your Yoga instructor will use blocks and even a chair to create variations that work best for you in both the short and long term. Sessions will also focus on breathing techniques.

Nutritional Counseling (60min sessions)

Our Registered Dietitian will work with you to uncover your nutrition needs and prioritize any potential changes or additions you may need to make to help you get the most out of your training program and, more importantly, a lasting change for your life outside of training. She enjoys empowering others to find a sustainable plan that works for their health and lifestyle. She believes in incorporating all foods into meal planning to make the process enjoyable and improve quality of life. She would love to be your coach through your journey towards improved nutrition and health! This will be achieved via group sessions. These sessions are built around group learning and discussion to assist with breaking through common barriers each person may face. In addition, the sense of community, accountability, and goal setting realized during these sessions will be a wonderful opportunity to build the support system that is also built in the group training sessions. Group discussions will be held on a regular basis for a specified length of time to be determined. Following the completion of this portion of nutrition counseling, a support phase will be offered to those wishing for more discussion & support.

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