Group Exercise



We have classes for all ages and fitness levels. This is a little taste of the types of the group exercise classes we offer. We are always staying in the forefront of the latest tried and true fitness methodologies while keeping our feet firmly planted in foundational fitness principles.

Group Exercise

Group classes offer a variety of total body conditioning that involves both strength and cardio exercise. Designed to change each week to target all major muscles groups in a variety of ways. ... This class combines resistance training with plyometric moves to improve your strength and power.



PowerZone on a stability ball! More corework, improved balance & incredible muscle conditioning is accomplished by performing resistance exercises on the ball. 


High Intensity cardio designed for those wanting a challenge. This free form class may include drills, calisthenics & exercises derived from military training, sports conditioning

Cardio Fit

High intensity cardio and strength training combined into one class using different types of resistance and cardio methods.

Cardio Jam 

Enjoy a fun cardio class using the latest dance moves! Burn calories and move your body!


Never the same workout twice! Enjoy a variety of cardio work in one class. 


Target the powerhouse with a variety of exercises focusing on nothing but the core. 


Spin your way into improved fitness with this calorie burning, high energy class. Increase cardiovascular endurance with high intensity training without the impact! 

Fitness Kickboxing 

Combination of Kcikboxing and interval training! Real techniques used by Kick boxers!


The original barbell weightlifting program designed to increase your metabolism so you can burn more calories through-out your day as well as tone and tighten your entire body.


The original mat routine to tone, strengthen & lengthen the body focusing on the body’s core or “powerhouse” using controlled muscle contraction. Bring a mat or towel. 


Group weightlifting class using barbells and weights that conditions all major muscle groups in a format focusing on safety, alignment & results. 


The One Stop Body Shock!!!!Resistance – Interval – Power- Pliometrics – Endurance – Diet. 


Participants use an adjustable height platform to perform fun & challenging stepping sequences with varying intensity & impact based on exerciser preference. 

Total Gym 

Only at FITCLUB! The ultimate resistance class for total body conditioning on one machine. Included in Premium Membership or with 12 Session packages. Total Gym (TG) training is also available upon request.


The name says it all – Kick it up!Intense kickboxing moves, drills and martial arts sequences set to motivating music to push you! 


Improve muscle strength, elasticity & tone. Increase balance, coordination, range of motion & flexibility with traditional yoga poses performed in a flowing vinyasa style. Relaxation & meditation complete the practice.


Experience the Latin dance craze set to authentic Latin music. Salsa, cha-cha, & mamba your way to fitness. Learn the steps in an easy to follow format. Ditch the workout & join the party!


The perfect Zumba Class designed for the active older adult. It will also prepare beginner Zumba participants who what to join the fitness-party for the first time! 

ZUMBA Sentao

An intense new way to enhance the fitness-party! Learn explosive chair-based choreography that will strengthen, and stabilize the core.

ZUMBA Toning: 

Shake It! Rock it! Tone it! Serious muscle sculpting for party animals!   


Shake it! Rock it! Tone it! Serious muscle sculpting for party animals!