Three Reasons You Should be Challenging Yourself at FitClub

Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 14:55
If you have a tendency to fall into a stable routine with your workout, it is probably past time for you to begin challenging yourself.  We all have a preferred workout that we know we can accomplish even when we’re exhausted or unmotivated.  If you want to continue to make progress on your healthy journey, challenging yourself is just as important as showing up to get your workout done.  FitClub has three reasons it’s time to up the ante and push yourself in your next workout.

  1. Learning a new skill changes your brain. Not only is challenging yourself physically a great way to stay healthy and fit, but scientists at Harvard believe that learning a new skill actually creates new brain cells and changes your brain for the better.  FitClub is the perfect place to learn a new skill, whether it’s a challenging yoga pose, a mindful meditation class, or a workout like swimming.  Before you allow yourself to grow bored with your customary workout routine, challenge yourself to learn a new skill and literally expand your mind while you improve your physical fitness.

  2. Fight against adaptation. Adaptation is a vital skill that allows our bodies to adapt to whatever stressors we place upon it.  This means that when you begin running for the first time, your body will adapt and grow stronger so it can meet this new demand you’ve placed upon it.  The problem with adaptation is it is constant and your body needs new challenges in order to continue to improve.  Your body lacks motivation to grow stronger, leaner or faster on its own.  It’s up to you to encourage those changes by increasing the demands you put on yourself. Whether it’s running faster sprints, lifting heavier weights, or increasing the number of reps you perform, your body has to have a challenge to keep improving.

  3. A challenge makes a workout more interesting. Sure, there may be days that you dread pushing yourself.  You might be exhausted from a long day of work or have other demands on your time.  For the most part, though, creating new and more challenging workouts from time to time eliminates the risk that your workout may become too routine or monotonous to bring you enjoyment.  The key to overcoming workout boredom is to prevent it from even creeping in. To do this, you need to look for ways to mix up your routine whether by going harder, faster, longer, or stronger or just trying a new type of workout.

Not everyone is able to challenge themselves sufficiently to keep improving their physical and mental health.  If you struggle with challenging yourself, you might want to consider working with a personal trainer that can effectively show you how much more you might be capable of and help you see progress sooner.  Stop at the front desk and ask for more information if you’re curious about working with one of FitClub’s personal trainers!