Thursday, December 26, 2019 - 18:57
The holidays can be exhausting!  Whether you traveled over the river and through the woods or stayed home, holiday fatigue can make you feel like you need to sleep until next Thanksgiving.  Instead of recuperating on the couch, FitClub has tips to get you back on your feet sooner this year.

  1. Drink more water. All of the champagne, salt, and sugar that Americans consume during the holidays can take a toll on our bodies. If you’re feeling tired, out of sorts, or bloated after the holidays, make sure you are drinking enough body to increase your energy and reset your body.

  2. Add fruit to your meal plan. Fruit delivers energy-providing carbs without the processed sugars and additives. Adding bananas, apples, or anti-oxidant berries to your smoothies or enjoying as a dessert can give you a boost of energy.  The bonus fiber content can also help your body get and stay regular after overindulging in heavy, traditional holiday foods.

  3. Try the fifteen minute rule.You know by now that exercise gives you energy, but it can be hard to motivate yourself to sweat through a long workout when you’re exhausted.  Instead of feeling like you must commit to a sixty minute, strenuous workout, promise yourself you’ll try a workout for fifteen minutes before you’re allowed to quit.  In only the first fifteen minutes, you’ll likely find that your energy has already improved, your body feels healthy and strong and the endorphins have started to improve your attitude.  Knowing that you have the green light to bail after fifteen minutes if you don’t feel better can help you tackle the pre-workout excuses that hold you back.

  4. Try a group exercise class. When your energy levels are running low, it’s perfectly acceptable to borrow a little energy from other FitClub members.  Taking a Zumba class, a CycleFit class, or a holistic, rejuvenating Yoga class with others can help get you out of the mental loop that tells you that you’re too tired to move your body.  When everyone is driving toward a common goal in a group exercise class, you’ll likely feel your own energy levels rising and find it harder to give up before you finish the work.

  5. Try running.If you’ve never tried running before, the treadmills at FitClub give you a safe, dry, warm place to start chasing the runner’s high.  Running is known to release endorphins and cause “runner’s high,” a completely safe euphoric high that lasts long after you’ve finished your run. Tune into a good movie or a guilty-pleasure-television show and give it a try this winter.  Who knows, maybe by the time spring comes back, you’ll be ready to tackle your first 5K and fully committed to your daily runner’s high!

What are you doing this year to combat holiday fatigue?  Share your tips and tricks with your fellow FitClub members!