The Psychology of Hitting Restart On Your Fitness

Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 17:32
If the last several months halted your healthy lifestyle, now is the perfect time to hit restart and recommit to your goals.  Instead of focusing on added weight or loss of muscle tone, shifting your focus to renewed goals and a renewed purpose can help you achieve the results with renewed spirit.  Ready to get started?  FitClub has easy tips for hitting restart on your healthy life and beginning again.

  1. Reboot your purpose.  Everything needs a reboot every now and then, and your purpose for wanting a healthy lifestyle is no different.  Maybe your goal started to feel stale or it no longer fits your priorities.  Perhaps, like a lot of people, the last several months were overwhelming and you had to homeschool children while also working from home and the days—and your fitness—just slipped away.  Think of your fitness reboot as restarting your computer.  Keeping your focus on all that can be gained from a reboot, rather than what might have been lost while you were as frozen as a computer screen can help you lock into the real purpose behind your health motivations.  Given the changes that we have all had to make recently, focusing on your mental and physical health may be the most compelling purpose we have.  

  2. Look for progress.  Restarting any habit can be difficult and certainly a healthy relationship with food and fitness is no different.  Some days, progress may just be showing up at FitClub and that’s okay!  Everyday that you step into FitClub is a day closer to reaching your goals.  If you’ve been away from your routine for awhile, start slowly and let your body build back up any strength or flexibility you might have lost.  Progress may look different right now, and that’s okay.  Building consistency and avoiding injury is progress in itself right now.  

  3. Make a plan and start now.  That’s right, as soon as you’ve finished reading this article, start making a plan for your workout.  Schedule time on your calendar that cannot be interrupted or overlooked, lay out your favorite workout clothes, and even jot down a few workouts you’ll do when you step into FitClub.  Lacking a specific plan of action can derail even the best of intentions.  Knowing when you’ll workout and what you’ll do when you walk through the doors of FitClub can alleviate any anxiety you might have about starting fresh.  If you worry you might talk yourself out of a workout when the time arrives, move your clothes and shoes to a place that you can’t avoid.  The kitchen counter next to the coffee pot works well for a morning workout, or throw everything you need in the car so you eliminate any post-work excuses that might keep you from your evening workout.

Are you ready to hit restart on your health and fitness?  If you’re hitting restart right now, tell us what works for you!