Not a Swimmer? How to Get a Great Pool Workout Without a Single Lap

Monday, July 20, 2020 - 17:10
It’s hot!  There’s no better way to cool off than jumping into the pool and burning calories.  Whether you need to protect your joints, rehab from an injury, or you just need to try a fresh, new approach to fitness this summer, the pool is the place to burn calories and strengthen every muscle.

If laps aren’t for you, FitClub has tips on water workouts that will have you burning calories in the water all summer long.  Ready to dip your toes into a new workout?

1. Take a walk.  Instead of fighting the heat and humidity, get your steps in the pool this summer.  Walking in the water provides the cardiovascular exercise you need, as well as added resistance to strengthen and tone while you walk.  Not only is the pool easier on your joints than concrete, you’ll also avoid the dangers associated with exercising outdoors in the dangerous heat and excessive sun.

2. Tone up.  Take your body weight strength training exercises to the pool this summer, by simply modifying your favorite moves for a water workout.  Try push-ups, squats, or lunges using the pool this summer to freshen up your favorite moves.  While the moves will have less impact on your joints in the water, don’t be fooled! You’re getting a great workout because the water provides more resistance than air.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends body weight exercises in the water for anyone suffering from common joint conditions like arthritis or joint injuries.

3. Isolate muscles for a better workout.  Even if you don’t have a graceful swimming technique, using a kick board to support your upper body while you kick your way to stronger legs can help you isolate large muscle groups for a better workout.  Kick board workouts are used for both well-trained, elite swimmers and children just getting started.  A few laps with a kick board will raise your heart rate and provide resistance to tone and strengthen your legs.

Ready to jump into a water workout?  Getting started is easy!  In addition to your swimsuit, a cap and goggles may make you more comfortable while you splash your way to better fitness.  You will also need to bring your water bottle.  You may not notice the sweat you’re producing during your water workout, but the risk of dehydration is just as real in the water as on land.  Be sure to hydrate before, during, and after for the safest and most effective workout.

Are you already a devoted aquatics exerciser?  Share your tips and tricks in the comments to encourage members ready to jump in!