Meditation for Total Wellness

Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 14:28
Even if you’ve been eating healthy foods and consistently knocking out intense workouts, you may be missing out on a key component of total wellness if you haven’t tried meditation.  Meditation is exercise for your brain and is available at FitClub and in your own home.  Let FitClub convince you that meditation is the key to better overall health!

Why meditate?

  1. Meditation is for everyone.  If you see images of gurus sitting cross-legged in tropical paradises when you think of meditation you may be surprised to find out that some of the best athletes in the world use meditation to improve their athletic pursuits.  High-performing athletes experience higher levels of both relaxation and performance when they add meditation to their health and fitness repertoire. Quietly visualizing how you will perform in your workout, interact with your family, or conquer a job interview can have lasting effects and help set the tone for how you will perform when the opportunity arrives.  

  2. Bored?  A lot of people are bored right now while we are still sorting our way through the COVID19 pandemic.  Meditation enhances creativity which may help open your mind to creative endeavors you can enjoy safely during this crazy time.  Researchers believe that the increase in creativity after meditation likely occurs because meditation draws your attention inward.  When was the last time you had time to sit quietly and process how you think and feel, and focus on yourself?  In a busy world with too many competing demands, our energy is rarely shifted inward, allowing space and time to focus on our own silent needs.  Allowing your mind this space to clear away any negativity and noise can help open up creativity that may not make it through in the course of a typical, busy day.

  3. Scientifically supported.  Meditation isn’t just a feel-good-concept, it’s backed by science.  Even the American Heart Association recommends meditation for better cardiovascular health!  According to the American Heart Association, a consistent meditation practice lowers stress and high blood pressure and improves quality of sleep—all necessary ingredients for better heart health.  

  4. Where to start.  If meditation is a completely new practice for you, you can find plenty of support for a meditation practice right at FitClub!  The FitClub app has video meditations you can practice from the comfort of your own home and an in-person class you can check out whether you’re a complete beginner or a practiced meditation veteran.  Start your week with Andrea’s meditation class on the app or in person to provide balance for the days ahead.  There really is no right or wrong way to meditate, but for questions and guidance, FitClub can help put you on the right track to better mental and emotional health today!

Let us know how meditation works for you in the comment section.  We’re all in this journey together and starting your morning with a FitClub meditation class will provide lasting benefits all day!