Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 18:29
Between an abundance of free time at home with snacks and the stress of living through a global pandemic and economic crises, many people have started calling COVID-19, the COVID-15, referring to worry about gaining unwanted weight.  With days that blur together and stress that makes you prone to junk food cravings, it’s not an unwarranted concern, but it doesn’t have to be inevitable. FitClub can explain why you might be eating more and how to reset your healthy habits.

  1. Controlling cortisol.  Cortisol is the hormone your body releases when you’re under stress. Certainly, stress levels have never been higher for many of us.  You may be home schooling children, worrying about your job, or facing anxiety about the future of the quarantine and COVID-19.  Cortisol causes your body to retain belly fat.  Belly fat can contribute to a host of dangerous medical conditions.  While cortisol causes havoc to your waistline, it also causes you to crave sugary junk foods.  Fortunately, you are not powerless over your cortisol.  Consistent, moderate exercise can reduce the amount of cortisol your body produces, lower your stress, and reduce the erratic cravings you might be experiencing.  Setting aside time to use the FitClub app, communicating with others on the FitClub app, and returning to your regular exercise schedule can help dramatically during this unprecedented time.

  2. Maintaining a healthy diet.  There has never been a more important time to snack on fresh produce.  Not only does a diet rich in fruits and vegetables better protect your immune system from a host of viruses and illnesses, but fresh fruit has been linked to a reduction in stress and cortisol in the body.  When the fresh fruit attacks the cortisol in your stomach, it reduces its impact on your physical and mental health.  Whether you’re bored or in need of a snack to curb a hunger pang, reach for nutritious, colorful fruits like kiwis, citrus fruits, and berries to prevent the COVID-15.

  3. Eliminate boredom.  Eliminating boredom right now might be easier said than done when many of your favorite activities are temporarily unavailable.  When boredom strikes, your body’s natural supply of dopamine may also drop.  Dopamine is the hormone that makes us happy.  Instead of doing the chores we know we could do around the house, the normal response is to try to increase your dopamine levels to make yourself feel better.  Eating increases dopamine levels.  Reaching for food, especially junk food, when you’re bored is an ingrained bio-chemical reaction to a reduction in dopamine.  Fortunately, we have evolved and understand that there are other ways to increase our dopamine.  Exercise, for example, is a proven tool that is available on your FitClub app to increase your dopamine level while actually reducing your boredom, making you feel healthier and fitter, and allowing you to avoid the COVID-15.  The next time you find yourself in the kitchen because you’re bored, try a FitClub app workout before you give in and let us know if it works!

How are you maintaining your healthy routines during this unprecedented time?  Share your tips with your fellow FitClub members.  We’re all in this together!