How Your Weekend Can Kick Start Your Health

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 15:02
Shorter days and cooler temperatures might make you feel like your fitness journey has stalled out.  It can be tempting to resort to Netflix marathons on a couch covered in blankets.  Making a few simple adjustments to your weekend schedule can help you kick start a healthy week.

  1. Maintain a regular sleep schedule. All of the television shows you’ve been planning to binge will be there in the morning if you turn in at the same time you would during the week.  Maintaining a regular bedtime and wake time can help balance your body’s natural biological rhythms even with the absence of abundant daylight.  Waking up on time also allows to enjoy more of your weekend without feeling rushed on Sunday evenings making up for the time spent in bed.

  2. Organize everything you need for better health. It’s hard to get to FitClub on time for your favorite early morning group exercise class if you can’t find your favorite workout clothes.  By taking just a few minutes each evening to lay out your clothes or prepare your after-work bag you can eliminate excuses and prioritize your workout.  Ensuring that your favorite workout tech is charged and easily located will save you precious pre-daylight minutes when you’re in a hurry to get to class.

  3. A better diet starts on Sunday. Sunday symbolizes the start of a new week and it can be particularly impactful for your healthy diet.  Taking time to wash and prep produce can ensure that you have the healthy snacks on hand that will keep you on track and away from the vending machines.  If your weeknights are often hectic, you can bake chicken, boil eggs, prepare side dishes, and chill or freeze the week’s healthy meals so your family can still enjoy healthy, homemade meals without interrupting your evenings.

  4. Plan ahead. When you begin to prepare for your work or school week, you can also plan for your workouts.  What are you goals this week?  Did you meet or exceed those goals last week?  You wouldn’t go into the grocery store without a list and you shouldn’t approach your workout with any less diligence.  Using FitClub’s HYPERLINK "" class schedule, you can plan workouts that help you meet your goals on your own schedule.  Once it’s in writing, it’s also more likely to happen!  Make your workouts with yourself this week as important as any other appointment you would write down in your datebook or add to your phone’s calendar.

  5. Reevaluate last week. What went well last week and where did you fall off track?  By looking back on our own successes and failures, we can prepare to do better in the week ahead.  Tracking your failures as well as your success is integral in learning from your own mistakes and improving your health and fitness week after week.

How do you spend your Sundays?  Do you prepare for success?