Thursday, June 4, 2020 - 14:43
For many FitClub members, working out at home is a radically new experience.  We are accustomed to the benefits of group exercise classes, state of the art cardio machines, and personal trainers that hold us accountable and correct our form.  While you experience virtual FitClub classes and workouts on the FitClub app, you may be making mistakes.  FitClub wants you to get the most out of your workouts at home during these challenging times. 

  1. Listen to your instructor.  If you were taking a group exercise class in person at FitClub, you would be focused on the instructions, right?  The same should be true during your home workouts.  If you find yourself distracted by the television in the next room, the whir of the washing machine, or the constant noise from your work emails you might need to eliminate distractions to the extent possible.  Being able to focus on the cues from the instructor on your FitClub app will help you follow the moves more precisely, take instruction on your form, and help you better reset your brain after a taxing day of trying to do everything from your own home.

  2. Check in with your body.  While you’re without the benefit of live personal trainers or classes, you should be checking in with your body.  Do you feel as though you’re working as hard as you can?  Does the form feel good to your body while you perform the move?  If you have access to a mirror while you work out, you can study your own form and ensure that it not only feels correct but looks correct.  Without a personal trainer available to ensure that your form is correct and you are working to your capacity, you have to zone in on yourself and be your own best advocate right now.  Taking time to listen to your body as you glide through moves is just as important as actually performing the work.

  3. Create a routine.  If actually doing the exercise is your biggest challenge, you might need to practice consistency right now.  Not only does consistency help ensure your workout actually gets completed, but it can help you establish a routine while you’re primarily stuck at home.  A healthy routine includes a consistent workout regimen, high quality sleep, and healthy meals at regular intervals.

  4. Pump up the music.  What would you listen to at FitClub to pump up the adrenaline and improve your workout?  If a fast beat and quick lyrics help you increase your effort at FitClub, it’s time to turn up the tunes at home and raise your heart rate!

How are your at home workouts going?  Do you have any favorites on the FitClub app?  Share your thoughts with fellow FitClub members in the comment sections below!