Thursday, June 18, 2020 - 16:32
Perhaps your summer vacation plans have come to a sudden halt. This summer may not be what any of us had in mind just a few short months ago, but we can still salvage our summer vacations and reap the physical and mental health rewards of taking a pause to enjoy the summer.FitClubhas easy tips anyone can use this summer to create a staycation right here at home for a better, healthier summer break!

  1. Hit the farmers’ market. If you were on vacation, eating like a local and exploring the area’s specialties might be on your itinerary. You can do the same thing right here at home by hitting the local farmer’s markets for a taste of Illinois in the summer. Produce is never fresher than it is right now and shopping the farmers’ market for a new vegetable or fruit might give you a new culinary experience right here at home. Combining a new herb, veggie or fruit to your summer dinners and allowing your imagination to roam freely might start to taste a little like summer vacation in your own backyard!

  2. Get fit while exploring home. If your summer vacations are built around family adventures, you can start at the local parks or hiking and biking trails. Even if the scenery doesn’t include the mountains or a beach, you can take in the summer sun, avail yourself of fresh air and get fitter and healthier together. Being outside is great for your mental health and taking advantage of longer days can help you stay fit all summer. Don’t forget the sunscreen when you head out for your local adventure!

  3. Try new things. Maybe your idea of summer vacation is experiencing something new and exotic. FitClub’s variety of classes might be your best staycation place to start. Trying new fitness classes can help to break you out of a fitness rut and create more balance in your life, as well as in your body. Maybe you can’t hear your body and muscles crying out for variety, but variety can make your workouts more interesting and keep you from hitting fitness plateaus. Try a Zumba class for a taste of a summer festival or drop into a strength class to feel like you spent a day on an adventure vacation.

  4. Do a little less. If the entire point of your summer vacation is to log off and step away from whatever drags you down, you can accomplish that at home. Turn off your devices, step away from the television, and do a little less for a while this summer. Whether or not you call it a “staycation,” take a few days away from work or just create a new summer Sunday tradition. Stepping away from reality can do wonders to reset your physical and mental health one day at a time.

How are you approaching your summer vacation plans this year? Share your comments and use your imagination for a better, happier summer!