A Cure for Insomnia? FitClub’s Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 16:52
There are few things as frustrating as insomnia. From time to time, insomnia may strike any of us, keeping us tossing and turning when all we really need is a night of high quality sleep.  Over-the-counter and prescription medications may be habit forming, but FitClub has natural and healthy ways to fall asleep, stay asleep, and defeat insomnia before it strikes.

  1. Review your sleep space. Even if you’ve slept in the same bedroom for years, there may have been a subtle change that you’re not yet aware of that’s keeping you awake.  Before insomnia strikes, review your bedroom and ensure that the temperature is cool and conducive to sleep.  You’ll also want to make sure that there is no light in the room and that the environment is quiet and free of noise and distraction. Sometimes just turning your alarm clock away from the bed can reset the conditions you need for optimal sleep.

  2. Create a new routine. Creating the perfect bedtime routine is different for everyone, but the key element is consistency.  Whether it’s a warm bath, a cup of warm milk, or soothing music just before you turn in, the more often you perform your bedtime rituals, the more easily your brain will come to recognize this as a cue for sleep. Taking the time to relax before bed can help you unwind from a stressful day and allow your mind to turn its thoughts only to sleep.

  3. Check your diet. If you’re already tracking what you eat and drink throughout the day, now is the time to review your notes.  Both alcohol and caffeine can interfere with high quality sleep and a slight increase in the amount you indulge in can leave you warring with insomnia when you should be asleep.  If this may be the case for you, try eliminating alcohol and caffeine for a day or two and see if your sleep habits quickly return to normal.

  4. Eliminate naps. A mid-afternoon nap during a dreary winter Sunday afternoon may sound enticing, but it may also be the main culprit keeping you from real sleep.  Finding relaxing hobbies to turn to during the weekend instead of napping can leave you better prepared for sleep at night. Maintaining consistent sleep and wake schedules, even on vacation or during the weekend can help your body establish a healthy sleep routine that is immune from insomnia.

  5. Reassess your attitude about sleep. Many people think of sleep as an indulgence in today’s busy world.  If you tend to think that sleep is something that can only be possible after everything is done or put away, you might need to reevaluate your relationship with sleep.  Viewing sleep as a fundamental pillar of better physical and mental health can help you maintain a consistent, healthy relationship with sleep.

Insomnia is frustrating and can have both physical and mental health effects. How do you unwind to prevent insomnia from pestering you throughout the night? Share your tips with the FitClub community below.