Friday, May 29, 2020 - 17:32
What are you doing this week?  If you’re staying in and working from home, that question might seem more difficult to answer than usual.  If the days are beginning to blur together, it might be time to take control of your week and build a better week with the FitClub App or an outdoor workout at FitClub.  Ready to plan your epic week?  Let’s go!

  1. Schedule your workouts.  Just like meetings, dates, or other social obligations, once you commit and put it on your schedule you’re more likely to follow through than you might otherwise be.  The app makes it easy to schedule your live workouts or register for an outdoor workout with the touch of a button.  This week’s schedule has a variety of options to fit every fitness personality.  Block off that chunk of time, pull out your exercise clothes and escape with a FitClub class on a schedule.

  2. Meal prep, plan, and keep track of your meals.  Have you been logging your meals while FitClub’s closed?  If the first few weeks of staying at home meant binging on your favorite snacks, this is a good week to get back to your healthy goals.  The FitClub app easily links you to a calorie counting/nutrition based app that makes it easy to see what calories you’re consuming while you’re stuck at home.  Using a few minutes of forced-free time to meal prep, create a healthy online grocery list, and plan your meals for the week, will have you feeling healthier than ever from your own kitchen!

  3. Log your progress.  Are you going in the right direction?  If you’re not taking advantage of the FitClub app and logging your progress and recent activities it might be impossible to know.  Instead of losing fitness and gaining weight while you’re stuck at home, use the progress function to motivate yourself to stay active and on track.

  4. Socially connect virtually.  Use the app to say hello, ask a question, or engage with your FitClub staff and community.  You’ll find trainer tips-of-the-day, see new classes being posted daily, and get great healthy cooking advice from experts.  If you’re feeling lonely, it’s important to socially connect with others.  Seeing positive, healthy posts from familiar faces can help you feel less alone and make you feel more accountable to the goals you had before our circumstances changed.  If you have questions, concerns, or just want to say hello to the faces you miss, use the app to reach out.

  5. Do a little online shopping…from the app!  Need additional equipment for the workout you’ve been missing?  Browse the selection on the FitClub app to add to your home gym and get moving!

What helps you stay on track during these difficult days?  Now, more than ever, we need to hear from one another!