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Why do so many people struggle to reach their fitness goals? You can spend countless hours in the gym on a treadmill or elliptical, running outdoors, biking, hiking, and swimming, yet without proper nutrition, you may not lose a single pound. In fact, experts agree that between 70 and 80 percent of all fitness results are attributable to nutrition! We at FitClub believe that nutrition is the most critical part of any fitness and wellness routine, and we have also come to find that it is often the most ignored in many health clubs.

We are committed to helping our members, not only in the gym but also in their daily lives. As part of that commitment we are proud to be the only club in Springfield to offer "dotFIT Me", the most complete nutritional and fitness coaching program ever developed. Most other clubs across the country that offer their members this wonderful tool feel like it is too valuable to give away for free, and sell it as an additional service for $9.95 per month. We have seen the tremendous benefit of this program in the lives of our members, and we believe that it actually is too valuable NOT to include with every single membership. Because of this, we have decided to include this subscription for free to all of our members! One of our NASM certified trainers will help you set up your dotFIT subscription, and provide step-by-step guidance to help you make the most of this revolutionary program.

What does the dotFIT program do?

dotFIT is not just another website that allows you to track your calories. The dotFIT program is tailored specifically to you! Not only will it measure the calories you consume, but it will also generate an estimate of the calories you have burned based on your unique profile and level of fitness activity throughout the day. This allows you to get an estimate of how much weight you will gain or lose, and can help keep you on track, while allowing you to still enjoy the foods you love. Using the dotFIT program, you will always have an idea of whether or not you are staying on track to reach your goals, and if you aren't on track, it will tell you why.

Through dotFIT we are able to empower our members and help them solve the nutritional puzzle to achieve long-lasting success. The dotFIT program is not a fad diet or a temporary solution to weight loss, but rather a proven, science-driven way to make weight management easy! If you are interested in learning more about the dotFIT contact us at any time.


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