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Meet the exerspy—at last, intelligent calorie management. Using multiple sensors, the sleek armband continuously monitors your calorie burn. Connect it to your computer and you’ll know just where you stand on the path to your fitness goals. The comprehensive and easy-to-use menu planning system will ensure that you’re eating just what you need in order to meet your fitness goal. There’s no guesswork. No operating on estimations that don’t apply specifically to you. Only hard data that you and your fitness professional can use to map your path.

What is the exerspy?

The exerspy is the world's most intelligent calorie management system, stemming from over a decade of research and the success of hundreds of thousands of health club members worldwide. this simple and fun-to-use tool is your ultimate answer to healthy and effective weight management—for good!

So what's so different about this program? While traditional weight loss programs focus on tedious calorie counting, exerspy program uses the only technology on the market today that allows you to measure actual calories burned and consumed. For the first time ever, you now have the information you need to manage your weight loss without guesswork. With the exerspy you can finally know exactly how much you need to adjust your food intake and/or activity levels to reach you goals. It's a wake-up call that makes weight loss success simple and virtually guarantees results.

The key to the success of your fitness and nutrition routine is that it is built around you. We don't believe that you need to be put onto a restrictive diet or an unsustainable workout plan; these types of drastic lifestyle changes rarely last over time. Instead, the dotFIT exerspy program will give you suggestions on how to slightly change your food intake and/or your activity level to meet your goals. If you are on a program that you enjoy, the exerspy can also work as a complement to any diet or exercise program. All that matters is that you keep an average daily deficit based on your goals. how you get there is up to you!

Exerspy Armband

exerspy – the device

No more guesswork. the exerspy is a totally personal tracking device that records every move you make, just slide it on and get on with your life. It remembers exactly how many calories you've burned all day, and even the smallest activities count and add up! activities such as washing the dishes and playing with your kids quickly make your daily calorie burn go up.

The sleek, comfortable exerspy monitors 5 different data points to track calories burned with 98% accuracy. it also tracks every step you take and even monitors your sleep efficiency! No other device can give you this kind of valuable information to help you make healthy changes in your everyday life.

Web interface

The online exerspy interface is where you will manage your weight loss. You will download the data from your armband device via a wireless communicator into the web. Our program then calculates exactly how many calories you've consumed, letting you know how many calories you can eat to reach your fitness goal. We give you custom menus to help you figure out what to eat and there's also an easy to use food logging program with thousands of known foods in an auto-search database. It makes keeping track of your food intake to match your calorie output a breeze. It's like having your very own dotFit pro at your fingertips, and here’s the best part: you get to eat the foods you love and still lose weight!

Don't want to log your food? No problem. because you will have downloaded your calorie burn and your weight, the exerspy program can calculate for you on a weekly basis what your actual average calorie consumption was per day. No more denial! Armed with this data, you'll know exactly what you need to do to get back onto your calorie deficit goal.

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